social-emotional-behavioral resources


This website is meant to be a resource for families of Francis Scott Key Elementary/Middle School while students are at home for distance learning. Parent/guardian survey results indicate that families are looking for a place they can find whatever they might need to support their children, and to boost their own social-emotional functioning. Hopefully this will be a place to do just that!

Prevention and Intervention for Early Learners

This website was created by Jessica Munch, MA/CAS, NCSP. Jessica is a school psychologist and member of the Prevention and Intervention for Early Learners team, a group of related service providers who work to create and improve prevention and intervention services within City Schools. FSK has access to additional school psychological, speech and language, and fine motor/sensory supports in the form of additional personnel and additional time provided to the site-based related service providers.


Jessica Munch - School Psychologist (PIEL) -

Kate Higley - School Psychologist -

Maria Fratangelo (PIEL) - Speech Language Pathologist -

Nick Essock - Speech Language Pathologist -

Crystal Gault West (PIEL) - Occupational Therapist -

Heather Ottena - Occupational Therapist -

Towanda Russell - School Social Worker -

Contacto: Si tiene preguntas sobre esta información, comuníquese con Susana Castillo, psicóloga escolar, con el equipo de prevención e intervención: