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The mission of the Brecksville-Broadview Heights City School District is to inspire and prepare students to be lifelong learners, to be flexible in approaching opportunities for growth, and to be effective as well as ethical contributors to our global society.

Dear Students and Parents,

This Options Book is our way of sharing with you the courses and various educational programs/policies that students follow throughout their years at Brecksville-Broadview Heights High School. It is our best attempt at compiling all the current information so students and parents can plan appropriately for the next few years. And students: it should serve as a valuable resource as you plan and schedule for your high school years and beyond. Careful planning and thoughtful decision-making will make your high school experience positive as you build a solid educational foundation for the future. Special attention should be directed at the Course Planning Guide located on the last few pages of this booklet-it’s a great planning tool. We are very proud of the comprehensive programming we are able to offer to each individual student. A variety of opportunities exist across the curriculum, from required courses in the core academics to electives in all areas of interest. You would be wise to select courses that we recommend: (1) fulfill graduation requirements, (2) best prepare you for your future, and (3) are areas of personal interest. If you have questions or concerns, please ask any staff member for assistance. We are here to serve you! I encourage you to get involved and take advantage of all facets of our school program. Enjoy your high school experience and best wishes for success at BBHHS. For your convenience, this document can also be found on the school’s web page at

Yours in education,

Steven Ast, Principal

Mr. Steven Ast Principal

Ms. Susan Welch Assistant Principal, Students A - H

Mr. Kevin Jakub Assistant Principal, Students I - Q

Mr. Scott DeTray Assistant Principal, Students R - Z

Mrs. Jaci Owens, Seniors, Counselor, Department Chairperson

Mrs. Holly Thrasher, A - H, Counselor

Mrs. Gina Baeslach, I - Q, Counselor

Mrs. Kaitlyn Jonozzo, R - Z, Counselor

Mr. Kyle Drypolcher, Seniors, Counselor