What is the Band Booster Organization?

The Arnold High School Blue Thunder Band Boosters is a 501 (c) 3 organization with a mission to provide support and encouragement to the high school band students and their director. The support of the community is vital to provide the necessary funds and we greatly appreciate your donation.

‚ÄčThe boosters exist to support our children and the band director in the monumental task of getting from Point A to Point B and looking good doing it! A strong Band Booster Club with parent involvement makes a strong band! The Boosters primary responsibility is setup fundraisers to bring in money for the band program to be able to use. We also help with chaperoning, working concessions, uniforms, and moving equipment for the band when there is a band function (i.e. - competition, parade, or concert)

Current Booster Board

Email the Booster Board

President - Dawn Capes

Robin Jones, Nicole Landreth, Amy Ficke

Treasurers - Michelle McCall & Melanie Persons

How do I become a member of the Booster Organization?

We are asking that in order to become VOTING members of the BTB Boosters, that you pay a membership fee of $5-individual or $10-Family.

When do the Boosters Meet?

We have quarterly meetings each year (August, December, February, and May) on the first Tuesday of these respected months.

Do I have to be a paying booster member to attend the booster meetings?

No, any parent or guardian is allowed to attend any booster meeting. If you wish to vote at the booster meetings, you will need to be a paid member of the booster organization. We actually encourage all parents to come to booster meetings. This is to create a more transparent band organization so that every person knows how the band is operating both in the classroom and financially.

Outside of fundraising, how can boosters and parents help the Blue Thunder Band Program?

We are always looking for volunteers to chaperone, help with uniforms, volunteer in the concession stands, work music festivals, and be at any band function where the band is performing.

Here is a copy of our current Booster Bylaws as of 2016 - 2017