What is the Blue Thunder Band Program?

The Blue Thunder Band program is comprised of the marching, jazz, and concert bands at J.R. Arnold High School in Panama City Beach, Florida. Established in 2001, the Blue Thunder Band Program has a rich history and tradition of excellence that is truly special. The band has performed at state and national events. The marching band performs at all Friday night football games, and the jazz and concert bands perform concerts regularly throughout the year. It is our goal to provide and promote music in the Panama City Beach community and J.R. Arnold High School in the highest regards with whatever we do!

Blue Thunder Marching Band

J.R. Arnold High School Blue Thunder Marching Band is the combination of all the students in the Arnold High School Band program and Auxiliary. They perform at football games, pep rallies, parades, and competitions throughout the whole school year.

Concert Ensembles

J.R. Arnold High School Band program has a well established concert band program. We offer two different levels of concert bands, the Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble.

Our class is our beginner and intermediate level ensemble. Symphonic Band focuses on fundamental techniques as well as intermediate musical concepts that stretch each musician with challenging literature designed to prepare them for the advanced level class. Audition is required.

Our Wind Ensemble class is our advanced level ensemble. Wind Ensemble focuses on advanced musical concepts while exposing students to pre collegiate or collegiate level literature. Audition is required.

Jazz Ensembles

J.R. Arnold High School has a rich tradition in jazz and one that is very well respected in Bay County. We offer two different levels of Jazz Band at AHS. These ensembles both require auditions and a divided up based on jazz ability.

Jazz II focuses on building building fundamental jazz technique and style. This ensemble primarily focuses on introducing students to all of the genres of Jazz.

Jazz I is the advanced level ensemble. This ensemble focuses on higher level literature and expands students ability within the Jazz improv and musical ability.

Percussion Ensemble

Students in this class are members of the J. R. Arnold High School Blue Thunder Band and is required for all percussion students. This course is designed to help percussion students further their musical skills outside of regular band class and is to reinforce music reading skills, musicality, music terminology, music history, and music theory. Students will rehearse music to be performed within the scope of the music program and will focus on techniques that directly relate to rudimental, concert, and world percussion ensembles.

Guitar Ensemble

This one-year course is designed for students with no previous guitar experience. Students will receive guidance and direction covering the basics of the instrument and an application of essential music fundamentals related to playing the guitar at a beginning level. Students will learn the basics of playing guitar through studying music notation, chord symbols, and peer modeling. A brief history of the guitar along with a study of its respective musical styles will also be covered in this course.

The main objective of this course is to create an enhanced appreciation for music through playing the guitar. Students will learn how to read music notation, chord symbols, and tablature.



Indoor Percussion