Welcome to Baird & Warner - Glenbrook! 

We are thrilled you are looking into joining us! Considering beginning a career in real estate? Or are you an experienced broker looking for an environment to better support your real estate practice? Perhaps this thought has been on your mind for a long while, or maybe a recent event has pushed you to look for a new direction. Either way, at Baird & Warner’s Glenbrook Office, we are dedicated to helping our team members reach their real estate goals and dreams. We are in the business of sharing knowledge, experience, expertise and support for REALTORS® of all levels, so we have created this forum for you to understand what life is really like as a real estate professional at our office.  

Our goal is to help you find answers to what being a member of our office family would look like for you through the realistic, relevant and real-time content we’re sharing here. We’ve done our best to peel back the curtain and offer you some true insight into finding the best place to build your real estate career.

Scroll down and check out the virtual tour of our Glenbrook Office, and read on to learn more about our unique and unmatched approach to training, support, mentorship and coaching for both new and experienced agents who join our team.

An Environment that Works

The Glenbrook Office management and staff are here to assist you in growing your business every way possible. You will find that we’re more than just a sales office; we are a tight-knit family of real estate professionals who are here to help, encourage and support one another. A big part of our fast growth and success is simply a culture that encourages going into the office to work. This creates more energy and a high level of team spirit that helps keep individual brokers’ motivation strong. Our office is known for unsurpassed support staff, a world-class managing broker, dynamic sales meetings, and ongoing training applicable to all levels of agents. Our managing broker and staff work very hard to keep the office brokers engaged, highly motivated and knowledgeable of the market, technology and news that affect your business.

Our Designated Managing Broker, Ian Robinson, manages the Glenbrook Office exclusively and is a non-competing manager. This allows him to spend more time with the office brokers, making sure they have the support they need to reach their goals. Ian also provides one-on-one coaching and accountability meetings for agents at all levels, weekly or bi-monthly. Business planning at our office is at a higher level than brokers will see anywhere else in the marketplace. Your plan will be a living, breathing and regularly reviewed entity ensuring progress towards your goals. With a Sales Support Manager acting as your concierge to all things real estate, three Sales Support Specialists and a staff of on-demand broker assistants, you will find unmatched support for your business and marketing activities, allowing you to generate more leads, close more deals and lead to a healthy work/life balance.