Conclusions - The place where we got tired of thinking

Something has indeed happened. The Liberating Structures Global Gathering has concluded in a wave of dynamic incompleteness. It involved the authoring of multiple micro-tragedies, meta-musicals, and molar-comedies all wrapped in the collaborative drama of people from around the world exploring their ways forward towards a wider, thicker, and unflattened understanding of LS and its many diverse forms of practice.

There is the memory of songs sung, of an ephemaroll, garbage walk, and detritus swim. There is the residual sensation of metabolic rearrangement, weird asymmetries, and non-linear connections that will continue to unfold. There is the gratitude that comes with departure and the certainty that the future will creatively destroy our understanding of the present.

If you are looking for the tiniest sense of what the Global Gathering was like we suggest the following options: