Sector Profiles

Follow the links below to  learn more about each industry sector and key workforce opportunities:

Green Careers (multi-sector)

Bay Region Green Jobs Exploratory Dashboard      Green Occupations and Skills Lookup Tool

Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing Occupational Demand Dashboard  (2023)      Advanced Manufacturing Sector Profile (2023)

Advanced Transportation

Advanced Transportation Occupational Demand Dashboard  (2023)      Advanced Transportation Sector Profile  (2023)

Agriculture, Water & Environmental Technologies

Bay Region profile  

Energy Construction & Utilities

Bay Region Workforce Study (2022)


Health Occupational Demand Dashboard  (2023)     Health Sector Profile  (2023)

Information & Communication Technologies / Digital Media

ICT-Digital Media Occupational Demand Dashboard  (2023)    ICT-Digital Media Sector Profile   (2023)

Life Sciences / Biotechnology

2021-22 Biotechnology Workforce Report

Public Safety

Public Safety Occupational Demand Dashboard  (2023)     Public Safety Sector Profile  (2023)

Teacher Preparation and Education 

 Education Sector Profile  (2023)

Bay Region Teaching Occupations Full Report (2022) and Report Brief (2022)

Bay Region Teaching Occupations Demand Dashboard (2020 - 2025)

Community College and High School CTE Teacher Shortages in the Bay Region (2020)