Data Tools & Dashboards:

CC Supply and K-12 Pipeline

Supply Table

Supply Table.mp4

Use the Supply Table to examine data on the supply of graduates from a given program(s). View the video above to walk through an example, or visit here for an overview.

CCCCO / Cal-PASS Plus Launchboard

  • Use this site to access multiple databases with data on community college CTE programs, CTE pathways or Adult Education by college, district, region or across the state.

  • Cal-PASS Plus Launchboard

SWP Metrics Tableau Dashboard

Use this Tableau dashboard developed by the BACCC to view data on student outcomes for community college CTE programs by college, district, region or across the state.

CTE Employment Outcomes Survey (CTEOS)

View results from the statewide survey administered to CTE students post-community college completion. Review data on employment and earnings, as self-reported by students.

Opportunity Map Builder

  • Use the Opportunity Map Builder tool developed by WestEd to explore guided pathways to related skills and career opportunities.

  • Opportunity Map Builder and Video

K12 CTE Inventory

  • Use this dashboard tool developed by WestEd to view enrollment in K12 CTE pathways across the Bay Region.

  • Bay Area K12 CTE Inventory