Bay Region Center of Excellence
for Labor Market Research

The Centers of Excellence (COE) for Labor Market Research  aspire to be the leading source of regional workforce information and insight for community colleges and their workforce partners across the state. The Bay Region COE is located and hosted by Cabrillo Community College. The Bay Region COE serves the 28 community colleges in the 12-county Bay Region with labor market information and workforce research. 

The COE and BACCC work jointly to provide data analysis and resources that benefit the community colleges, secondary schools and workforce partners in the Bay Region. 

To request Labor Market Information, complete this form. Or for any other data or project requests, complete this form, or contact us by phone or email if you have any questions. 

Marcela Reyes  Director 

(831) 219-8875 

John Carrese  |  Research Manager   

(831) 325-2960 

Yumi Huang   |  Research Analyst & Statistician

(831) 275-0043 

Leila Jamoosian  |  Research Analyst & Statistician

(831) 477-3542 

Statewide Centers of Excellence:

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Data Tools & Dashboards: OCCUPATIONAL DEMAND

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Data Tools & Dashboards: CC SUPPLY & K12 PIPELINE

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Data Tools & Dashboards: ABOUT THE REGION

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Manuals & Crosswalks

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Sector Profiles

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