Family Tech Support

Click here to request technical support. You may also call (978) 254-3497 and leave a message, but the response time on the form is usually faster. Click here to schedule an evening appointment (conducted via Google Meet) with the on-call Digital Learning Coach, Monday-Thursday, 7:00-9:00 PM. Support is available only for school-issued devices and school-related applications.

Why do all students have to use an AWRSD-issued Chromebook & other FAQs

  1. Why do all students have to use an AWRSD-issued Chromebook?

We are asking all students to use an AWRSD-issued Chromebook, even if they have a personal device at home. The district Chromebooks use software called Securly that provides virus protection, filtering from inappropriate content, and management tools for teachers—teachers can chat directly with individual students, see what is on a student's screen during class, and push out websites to students. These options are not available on personal devices.

  1. Where do I get the required forms needed for a Chromebook?

Chromebook packets containing the required forms were sent home with students. Extra packets can be found in the front office of your child's school, or requested from If you have access to a printer the packets may be found here: ELEMENTARY or MIDDLE.

  1. What should I do with the iPad my child has been using?

At this time, iPads are no longer supported for AWRSD remote learning. All AWRSD iPads and chargers need to be returned to your child's school or to the Digital Learning Office (located in the Oakmont library). If you have any questions please reach out to

  1. My child got an AWRSD-issued Chromebook in the Fall. Can we/do we need to exchange it for a new device?

Students who already have AWRSD Chromebooks will not be receiving a new device.

  1. Do I need to purchase a case for my child's AWRSD-issued Chromebook?

We don't require a case; K-2 students won't need to bring their devices back and forth on a daily basis and we find that placing the Chromebook in the child's backpack usually provides enough protection. We purchase Chromebooks that are made specifically for schools with "ruggedized" cases.

If you decide that you do want a case, we recommend a neoprene sleeve. We use 8" X 12" as the measurement when choosing Chromebook cases—you want a little wiggle room for sliding the device in and out.