Community Schools Partnership Program

AVUSD plans to apply for state level funding to become part of the Community Schools Partnership Program in February 2025. AVUSD is aligning the LCAP goals/actions to the “conditions of learning” for Community Schools. 

For more information on this program through the California Department of Education check out the following link: 

The California Community Schools Partnership Program “will transform educational outcomes for our most vulnerable students through establishing whole child, whole family, and whole community connections at the school sites....Community school strategies can be an effective approach to mitigate the academic and social impacts of emergencies that affect local communities, improve school responsiveness to student and family needs, and to organize school and community resources to address barriers to learning. Community schools often include four evidence-informed programmatic features, which are aligned and integrated into high-quality, rigorous teaching and learning practices and environments:

2024-2025 DRAFT LCAP

DRAFT AVUSD 2024-2025 Goals/Actions
AVUSD LCAP June 2024 Board Meeting

Local Indicators

AVUSD LCAP June 2024 Board Meeting
4. 2024_Local_Indicator_Self-Reflection_of_2023-24_Indicators_Anderson_Valley_Unified_School_District_June 4 2024 (1).pdf

Educational Partner Engagement

2024 AVUSD Educational Partner Engagement

2024-2025 LCAP

3. 2024_Local_Control_and_Accountability_Plan_Anderson_Valley_Unified_School_District_June 4, 2024 (1).pdf

Annual Update

2. 2024_LCAP_Annual_Update_for_the_2023-24_Anderson_Valley_Unified_School_District__June 4 2024 (1).pdf

Mid Year LCAP Report

2023-2024 AVUSD Mid-Year LCAP Update

SPSA Addendum

2024-2025 AVUSD Site Plan Funds

LCAP Federal Addendum

5. 2024_LCAP_Federal_Addendum_Anderson_Valley_Unified_School_District__June 4 2024 (1).pdf

Budget Overview for Parents

1. 2024_LCFF_Budget_Overview_for_Parents_Anderson_Valley_Unified_School_District_June 4 2024 (1).pdf