Volunteer Opportunities

School libraries are the heart of the campus, offering students, parents, teachers, administrators, and community members with an abundance of books, DVDs, technological equipment, and various other materials and resources. School librarians work hard to ensure that our libraries are well organized so that circulated materials are reshelved and easily accessible as soon as possible. However, we cannot do it alone. Volunteers are always needed to help shelve books and process new materials as well as assist with the plethora of other library-related duties.

Guidelines for Maplewood Library Helpers

Thank you SO much for considering volunteer work in our school library! We really appreciate and NEED your help!

Volunteer Opportunities Available:

A. Organize the book cart so books will be ready to re-shelve. Here are some suggestions for ways to organize the book cart before re-shelving books:

· Put all the Emerging Reader books together. (Emerging reader nonfiction on mobile wooden shelf)

· Put all the Graphic Novel books together. (Graphic Novels = green dots)

· Put all the F books together. (Fiction)

· Put all the E books together. (Everybody)

· Put all the nonfiction books together. (000-999)

· Put all the B books together. (Biography)

· Put all the PROF books together. (Professional)

· Put all the AV items together. (Audio-Visual – CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes, books on tape, etc.)

Once the books are separated out by call number, put them in alphabetical order (or in numerical order for non-fiction books) on the shelving cart.

B. Once they’re in alphabetical and/or numerical order, reshelve the books in the correct sections of the library. If you do not know for sure where a book goes, please do NOT try to shelve it. The librarian will be able to put it away for you.

C. “Read” the shelves by walking around the library and making sure there aren’t any books in the wrong section.

D. Water the plants.

· Please move the plants off the tops of shelves and away from books when you water them.

E. Clean tables.

F. Assist students with technology (at students' computers or in classrooms)

G. Clean books with stickiness or soil on their covers.

H. Help organize materials such as puppets, costumes, book marks, etc.

I. Create felt storyboard characters.

J. Create signage.

K. Assist with "processing" books by adding labels, stamping, etc.

L. Assist with repairing damaged books.

M. Assist students and teachers with locating desired books.

N. Check in returned books.

O. Read with students.

P. Run errands on campus.

Q. Assist with highlighting and delivering overdue notices on Mondays.

R. Dust shelves.

S. Assist with annual library inventory in December or January.

T. Copy and count fliers for Wednesday Folders

U. Book Fair!

V. Authors' visits (seating students, bringing water for the author, making signage, etc.)

W. Help with evening fundraising events.