Terri Darr

Attendance Technician


(626) 821-1770


Melissa Randazzo

Attendance Office Assistant


Attendance Guidelines

California compulsory attendance laws require all minors to be enrolled in and attend school on a regular basis, or be enrolled in a comparable educational program until they become adults or have graduated from high school. Students are accountable and responsible to attend school regularly and must be on time for all classes. Students with ongoing attendance issues will be referred to the state mandated SART (School Attendance Review Team) and SARB (School Attendance Review Board) process. The Attendance Office is open from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Parents are legally obligated to make sure their student(s) attend school every day unless an illness or family emergency occurs. All absences must be confirmed by a parent/guardian. When a student is absent, parents are required to call the Attendance Office at (626) 821-1770 on the day of the absence. A parent/guardian must provide a note to the attendance office upon the student's return. A signed note from a parent/guardian can be submitted directly to the attendance office by the student, a parent/guardian may email the attendance office at ahsattendance@ausd.net or complete the online absence form by clicking here. Attendance is taken by each teacher every period and reported to the Attendance Office. Parents and students are encouraged not to make appointments for students during the school day hours. If you find it necessary to keep your child out of school for reasons other than illness, we encourage you to send your child to school for at least a part of the day so that your child will not be counted absent and also will not miss out on important school assignments. Appropriate action will be taken for unexcused absences, truancies, or tardies.

Clearing Absences

Only a parent or guardian can clear attendance. The Attendance office email address is ahsattendance@ausd.net. Please include the student’s NAME, ID# & GRADE in the subject of the note or email.

The note must contain the following information: :

  • Student Name

  • ID#, Grade

  • Date & Period (s) Absent

  • Reason

  • Name of parent/guardian

  • Relationship to student

A doctor’s note is required if a student is absent five or more consecutive days. A note is also required for all early dismissals prior to logging off (distance learning) or leaving campus early.

During online learning, in order to maximize the instructional time, it is important for students to be in their class prior to the scheduled start of class due to the time it takes for the teacher to allow students in . Between classes, students should get into the waiting room for their next class before they take their break so that they will be allowed in prior to the start of class. When students are late to class it is difficult for teachers to let them in while they are presenting. This, in some cases, might cause the student not to be admitted into class and they would miss that session.

Excusable Absences

Excusable absences include illness, medical appointments, and family emergencies such as a serious illness of a family member or a death in the family. Students will be allowed to make up make up work missed during an excusable absence. Make up work may be denied for all other absences, and could negatively impact their academic grade. If you have any questions, please contact the assistant principal of student and parent services.

Family Trip/Vacation

We strongly discourage family vacations during school days. If parents are planning a trip/vacation during the school year, please send your student(s) with a note of explanation to the Attendance office at least two weeks prior to the trip with the following information: Student’s name, ID#, grade, dates of absence and reason for absence. There's no guarantee make up work will be accepted when students are absent due to a family vacation.

Leaving School

Arcadia High School is a closed campus. Students may not leave campus without prior written approval, and written verification. If a student becomes ill while at school they must report to their teacher and ask for a pass to go to the health office. The health aide will then contact the parent/guardian and provide an office campus pass to the student if it is determined the student should go home due to illness.

If a student leaves campus during the school day without the proper notification of school officials he/she will be marked truant for the class periods missed.

For all other reasons, students must go through the Attendance Office to receive a “permit to leave campus”. If the permit is for a medical appointment, have the permit stamped by the medical doctor’s office with the doctor’s name and address in the area that states “time of off-campus verified by” or on the back of the permit. For other reasons, have your parent/guardian sign your permit in the area that states “time of off-campus verified by”.

Return the signed/stamped permit to the attendance office and receive a readmit. Students who do not follow these procedures will be marked truant from the classes missed and are subject to disciplinary action.

Parent Vacations

If parents are out of town during school sessions and are leaving their student with a caregiver, that caregiver must be at least 21 years of age. A caregiver and declaration of responsibility form must be completed prior to the parents’ departure. Please contact the office of the Assistant Principal, Student and Parent Services: (626) 821-1791.

Tardy Policy

Tardiness may effect academic standing and be considered in determining eligibility for student government, athletic teams, and other extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. Students with a record of unexcused tardiness to class are subject to disciplinary action which may include:

  1. Teacher counsels the student

    • Student may lose participation points

    • Student may serve detention

  2. Contract sent to Deans office and counselor

    • Counselor may call in student

    • Dean contacts parent and may hold parent/ student conference

    • Behavior/attendance contract signed

  3. Referral sent to Deans Office

Truancy Policy

A student is truant when he or she is absent from class without the permission of the parent or guardian and the knowledge of the proper school authorities. Students who forge notes will be considered truants. UNEXCUSED ABSENCE or TRUANCY: make-up work or daily credit may be denied. Truancy will negatively impact academic standing in the class and may be considered in determining eligibility for co-curricular or extra-curricular activities. Students with a record of truancies or unexcused absences are subject to disciplinary action including, but not limited to the following:

  1. The student will receive a zero for the work missed.

  2. The teacher may not accept make-up work.

  3. Student may be assigned Saturday School for multiple period truancies.

Verified Illness

Includes: Illness or Quarantine, Medical, dental or optometrist appointments - verification of appointment from medical office required with off-campus permits. Funeral service for member of student's family; parent, grandparent, brother, sister, or any relative. Students are allowed make up work. The number of days a student is absent, is the same amount of time they will have to make up the work they missed. (Example: If a student misses 3 days of school, they'll have 3 days to make up the work they missed.)