AHS Values

Schoolwide Learner Outcomes

Arcadia High School will graduate:

Effective Communicators who…

  • Create, read, comprehend, and interpret a variety of written and visual materials.

  • Develop clear, concise, grammatically correct prose.

  • Speak and listen reflectively and critically, and respond appropriately.

  • Critically evaluate oral and written work according to expected standards.

  • Communicate within and across cultures.

  • Self-advocate in a respectful manner and practice social decorum in a variety of situations both in person and online.

Problem Solvers who…

  • Research, identify, access, and organize data using appropriate technology.

  • Demonstrate critical thinking skills by

  • Correlating, analyzing, and evaluating data and arriving at informed conclusions.

  • Synthesizing data to create hypotheses and develop appropriate courses of action.

  • Mastering practical skills to function successfully in life.

  • Apply acquired skills and knowledge to define, investigate, and provide solutions to problems.

Capable and Responsible Citizens who…

  • Work effectively and collaboratively both academically and socially with diverse stakeholders.

  • Practice a healthy lifestyle that balances intellectual, physical, social, and creative activities.

  • Function ethically in society and respect the diversity of others.

  • Practice and fulfill civic duties with responsibility and integrity.

  • Demonstrate appropriate stewardship of the environment for future generations.

Mission/Vision Statement:

Arcadia High School provides a challenging and supportive learning environment where students grow academically and socially. Faculty, staff, and the community work together preparing future citizens of the world who think critically, cooperate effectively, and practice integrity. Arcadia High School educates the whole person, providing resources and opportunities to ensure success through independent educational, personal, and practical pursuits during high school and throughout life.