Do you have a dream career that might not need college? That's ok!

Not all desired jobs and careers require a college education and the College and Career Centers can also be resources for students and families to help you find the path best for them: apprentiship programs, community resources, etc.

Start looking into the resources below to help you discover the job or career that fits you best and then speak to your College and Career Center Adviser about next steps.

My Colorado Journey

My Colorado Journey is a ground-breaking statewide platform designed to personalize your career pathway and connect you to work, education and support services.

Visit My Colorado Jouney now to help guide you on what your personal journey may look like around college, career or military.

Careers in Colorado is a tool within My Colorado Jouney to assist students in finding careers in growing colorado industries and that paths to take in order to get there

Search Engines and Assessments for Career

These Search Engines and Assessments can help you to determine what job or career might fit you best after high school. Take these questionnaires to get started.

O*Net Interest Profiler is a tool to help you find out what your interests are and how they relate to the world of work

16Personalities is an assessment tool that will help you learn what drives and inspires you based on your personality types

Occupation Finder is a database of jobs and careers that you can filter by education level, pay rate, expected growth, etc.

SkillsMatcher helps you rate yourself on 40 key workplace skills and this tool will show you career options that match your ratings

What Can I Do With This Major? allows you to explore majors or searching for information about your chosen field


Naviance is also a tool you can utilize to do career searches that match you. Follow the instructions to the right to start the assessment now! Click here to go to Naviance.