Avenues Parallel Program

What is the Avenues Parallel Program?

The APS Avenues Parallel Program (APP) is for students who are behind in high school credit and would still like to achieve post-secondary success by participating in a concurrent enrollment program, while studying to earn their high school equivalency certificate.

To find out more about how many credits APS students should have per school year, click on this link: APS Credit Earned Schedule


Our Avenues Parallel Program (APP) accelerates student learning by supporting individualized learning plans, including concurrent enrollment, for students to complete post-secondary eligibility requirements (GED) and to develop skills to pursue a postsecondary education program and/or join the workforce.


The Avenues Parallel Program (APP) is designed to help students refocus, revive, re-enter, and re-establish a new learning opportunity that will guide them to develop individualized plans for their futures. APP educators are dedicated to identifying each student's learning needs and delivering accessible materials and content with appropriate instructional scaffolding. Avenues' support staff also strives to provide access to resources to have a productive and healthy future.

Who enrolls in APP?

APP is for Aurora Public School students who meet the following criteria:

  • Are currently enrolled or will be enrolled with Aurora Public Schools

  • Their birthday is on or before December 31, 2003

  • Would like to pursue a post-secondary program at Pickens Technical College or Community College of Aurora

  • Would still like to earn a high school equivalency certificate

How to enroll in APP?

Enrollment Requirements:

Students attending APS Avenues must be a resident within the boundaries of Aurora Public Schools. The path that a student takes within APS Avenues will be contingent upon several factors:

  • All students attending APS Avenues must be referred by their home high school or a supporting Aurora Public Schools partner.

  • The transitions coordinator of APS Avenues must approve the student and provide an invitation to the APS Avenues orientation.

  • A student and their parent/guardian must attend the orientation on time to be accepted into APS Avenues. Arriving late to the orientation will result in an invitation to the next orientation.

  • Final placement into a specific pathway within APS Avenues will be determined by the administration and counseling teams.

What is concurrent enrollment?

Concurrent Enrollment is an exciting partnership between the Community College of Aurora & Pickens Technical College and Aurora Public Schools. It is designed to increase the number of high school students earning college credit. The program is for all Avenues Parallel Program students who are eligible to apply. Click on a program link below to find out more about eligibility requirements, courses offered, and enrollment.

Enrollment Requirements:

  • 2.5 overall high school GPA or better

  • No more than 1-2 credits behind in high school credit

Community College of Aurora


Pickens Technical College