formerly known as COMNET ATL

What is connect radio?

The Atlanta Police Department's security communications network (aka Connect Radio and COMNET) is a radio link between private security, the Atlanta Police 911 center and APD patrol personnel. The tool was created in 1990 with the support of Central Atlanta Progress and is now administratively run by the Atlanta Police Foundation. Its original purpose is still relevant today and that is to force multiply those who are tasked with protecting Atlanta's people and property. Today, Connect Radio is one facet of the Connect Atlanta Program, that enables both private camera and radio integration with APD

Connect Radio is a subscription platform that facilitates real-time radio communication for the purpose of solving crime, aiding investigations and responding to emergencies. Private sector security personnel are valuable partners to the APD and Connect serves as an integration tool to leverage their training, experience and knowledge in support of its mission. Connect is seen as a vital component of Atlanta's public safety strategy and those private sector individuals responsible for providing safety and security at their businesses or facilities are encouraged to join the network. Connect services do not extend outside of the city limits of Atlanta.