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6th Grade

Science 6

Social Studies 6

English 6

Health and Technology

Physical Education 6

Math Course 1 or 2


1 year of Music of choice.

7th Grade

Science 7

Social Studies 7

English 7

Math Course 2 or 3



½ Physical Education

4 other electives

8th Grade

Career 101

Science 8

Social Studies 8

English 8

Math Course 3 or Algebra



4 other electives

1 Elective = 1 whole year or 2 Semester classes

More Info below


Art 7 7th Grade Semester

Introduction to drawing techniques, skills, and concepts using various media. Emphasis on perspective, construction of the human figure, and principles of shading as they pertain to the illustration industry. Foundation laid for advanced courses in illustration.

REQUIRED for all 7th graders (5 sections)

Advanced Illustration 7th-8th Grade Semester

Builds upon the foundation in Beginning Illustration. In this class, students will continue to build on the skills and techniques. Pre-request Beginning Illustration (2-3 sections)

Advanced Painting 7th-8th Grade) Semester

This art will explore two primary media techniques, watercolor, and acrylic.

Digital Art Class 7th-8th Grade

Introduction to digital art, students will have the chance to learn and apply digital art techniques.

Photography 7th-8th Grade Semester

Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of digital photography. How cameras work, how composition works, how lighting works, and how to use photo editing software.

3D Art- 7th-8th Grade Semester

This area exposes students to the unique characteristics of creating in 3 dimensions and usually includes wire and plastering.

Yearbook 7th-8th Grade Semester/Year

This class will combine photography with the layout to complete a yearbook for AMS as well as smaller publications during the school year.

Career and Technical Education

Introductions to woodworking, 3D printing and other hands on projects. Sign up for this class if you want to explore project based hands on learning.


Beginning Band 6th-8th Grade Year

This band class is primarily for 6th grade students or students who are in their first year taking band.

Intermediate Band 7th-8th Grade Year

Students who have taken Beginning Band or who show intermediate skills can take this class.

Percussion 6-8th Grade Year

Percussion is music involving drums and other instruments such as gongs, bells, cymbals, and tambourines. Studying a mallet instrument and reading notes is required.

Beginning Choir 6th Grade (ID 551106) Year *30 students

This is a performance based singing ensemble for students to create and experience classical, pop, folk, a cappella, and broadway music. Students will continue to develop an understanding and appreciation of the differences in music from other cultures and the connections music brings to people, places and time.

Intermediate Choir 7th-8th Grade Year

This is a performance based singing ensemble for students to create and experience classical, pop, folk, a cappella, and broadway music. Students will develop an understanding of how to sing while mastering pitch, rhythms, harmonies, dynamics, as well as musical form and interpretation.

Song Writing 7th-8th Grade Semester

An Introduction to Songwriting. We will combine the use of SoundTrap to compose and create different styles of music such as film scoring, commercial music, rock, contemporary, or other areas of musical interest.

Beginning Orchestra 6-8th GradeYear

Primarily 6th graders will take this class. The String Orchestra (Largo Orchestra) class offers instruction on violin, viola, cello, and string bass instruments with a focus on the skills necessary for long-term success.The text requirement is Sound innovations Book I.

Intermediate Orchestra 7-8th Grade Year

The intermediate string orchestra (Vivace Orchestra) is for students who already have an understanding of basic music reading, instrument assembly and maintenance, correct playing position, and sound tone production. Please refer to the skills covered in Sound Innovations Book I. Students will need to purchase Sound Innovations Book II.

Ukulele 7-8th Grade Semester

Each student will realize that they can be a ukulele player. This course serves as an introduction to the instrument and will provide students with instant access to making music on the ukulele. Focus points will be strumming and rhythms, reading music, improvising, and beginning songwriting. The end result will be independent work on songs of interest.


Spanish 1A &B 7-8th Grade Semester/Year

Introduction to the Spanish language. Learners will practice Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing in Spanish.

Spanish 2 7-8th Grade Year

This class is for students who have completed Spanish 1A and 1B or are native Spanish speakers. Students who complete this course will have an option to test for high school credit.

Mi Gente 7-8th Grade Semester/Year

Mi Gente is a leadership class offered to students who are currently enrolled in ELD or are on ELD monitor status. Mi Gente will focus on discussions in English and Spanish, team building activities, and service-learning projects to answer the question- “what is a community?” (Max 15 students).

Creative Writing 7th-8th Grade Semester

Everyone has a story to tell. What’s yours? Creative Writing is a semester-long elective class designed for enthusiastic writers to explore the craft and process of writing in its many forms. Come join a community of storytellers, poets, journalists, playwrights, and free writers ready to connect thoughts to the page!

Independent Literature 7th-8th Grade Semester

If you love the idea of spending a class period lost in your newest favorite book, then Independent Literature might be the perfect fit for you. Part choice reading time, part book talk, and part reader’s response, this semester-long elective class is designed for passionate readers to share, explore, and discover great texts!

Physical Education

Low Impact Wellness 7th-8th Grade Semester

This class is designed to support physical education for students who are looking for a quiet and slightly slower-paced workout. Each day students will come in and move through stretching and breathing exercises. Yoga, walking and movement activities will be the focus.

Physical Education 6th Grade (6th) Year REQUIRED

This class is for all 6th-grade students teaching them the fundamentals of physical education through skill development and teamwork.

PE 1 Racket Sports and Net Activities 7th-8th Grade Semester

PE 2 Non-Traditional Competition 7th-8th Grade Semester

Non-Traditional Team Competition and Large Games

PE 3 Cooperative Games 7th-8th grade Semester

Dual Activities, and Individual Pursuits

AMS School Counselor

503-325-3390 or main office at 504 325-4331

M-F 8:00 am-4:00 p

503-489-8821 (Text or Call)

******************Counseling Notification**************

September 2021

Rachel Rollins

& Korie Blacker

Astoria Middle School

1100 Klaskanine Ave.

Astoria, Or 97103

503 325-4331

Hello AMS Community,

With so many challenges facing students we want to provide support and encouragement. The health and wellness for each of us is critically important. Currently, each student has been participating in an advisory class with Astoria Middle School. One purpose of this class is to provide Social Emotional Learning lessons. Students are learning self-regulation tools, social skills, managing stress, learning about the brain, and building relationships, just to name a few. In addition, we provide health lessons that are a valuable resource to students.

We also want to offer individual or small group counseling check-ins for students through our counseling department. Any AMS student can meet with Rachel Rollins or Korie Blacker the AMS school counselors. Don’t be alarmed if your child wants to meet with a counselor, middle school students are social beings and may need to talk and process through all the changes going on in their world. It’s actually healthy for them to talk about their lives. These counseling sessions are confidential. There are exceptions to confidentiality, which include; if someone is being hurt or in danger of being hurt. Students who need more intensive counseling services will be referred to a community counselor.

The process to access AMS Counseling:

  • Students can email Rachel Rollins or Korie Blacker at a time they’d like to meet.

  • Students can make an appointment through the office to meet with a counselor.

  • Each session will be around 30 minutes

It is our pleasure to work with these awesome students! Please let us know if we can help. We can also assist with scheduling, classes, and academics. If you have any questions or wish for your child to NOT meet with us please call me at 503 325-4331.


Rachel Rollins

& Korie Blacker

AMS School Counseling

“Connection is the energy created between people, when they feel seen, heard and valued-when they can give and receive without judgement.”

~Brene Brown

*****Notificación de Consejería Escolar*****

Septiembre 2021

Rachel Rollins

& Korie Blacker

Astoria Middle School

1100 Klaskanine Ave.

Astoria, Or 97103

503 325-4331

Hola, comunidad de AMS:

Con tantos desafíos a los que se enfrentan los estudiantes, queremos brindarles apoyo y ánimo. La salud y el bienestar de cada uno de nosotros es de gran importancia. Actualmente, cada estudiante ha estado participando en una clase de asesoramiento en Astoria Middle School. Uno de los propósitos de esta clase es brindar lecciones de aprendizaje social y emocional. Los estudiantes están aprendiendo herramientas de autorregulación, habilidades sociales, manejo del estrés, aprendiendo sobre el cerebro y formando relaciones, sólo por nombrar algunas. Además, brindamos lecciones de salud que son un recurso valioso para los estudiantes.

Además, queremos ofrecer reuniones de consejería individuales o en grupos pequeños para los estudiantes a través de nuestro departamento de consejería escolar. Cualquier estudiante de AMS puede reunirse conmigo, Rachel Rollins, o Korie Blackner las consejeras escolares. No se preocupe si su hijo quiere reunirse con un consejero, los estudiantes de secundaria son seres sociales y es posible que necesiten hablar y procesar todos los cambios que están ocurriendo en su mundo. En realidad, es saludable para ellos hablar sobre sus vidas. Estas sesiones de asesoramiento son confidenciales. Hay excepciones a la confidencialidad, que incluyen; si alguien está siendo lastimado o en peligro de ser lastimado. Los estudiantes que necesiten servicios de consejería más intensivos serán referidos a un consejero comunitario.

El proceso para acceder al asesoramiento de AMS:

  • Las estudiantes pueden enviar un correo electrónico a Rachel Rollins o Korie Blacker a con la hora en la que les gustaría reunirse.

  • Los estudiantes pueden hacer una cita a través de la oficina para reunirse con un consejero.

  • Cada sesión durará unos 30 minutos.

¡Es un placer trabajar con estos increíbles estudiantes! Por favor háganos saber si le podemos ayudar. También podemos ayudar con la planificación de horarios, clases y estudios académicos. Si tiene alguna pregunta o desea que su hijo NO se reúna con nosotros, llame al 503-325-4331.


Rachel Rollins

& Korie Blacker

Consejería Escolar de AMS

“La conexión es la energía que se crea entre las personas cuando se sienten vistas, escuchadas y valoradas, cuando pueden dar y recibir sin juzgar”. Brene Brown