Why Integrate Technology?

Why use technology in your classroom?

-It prepares your students for their future schooling and careers.

-It allows you to differentiate instruction and personalize learning to better meet the needs of each learner.

-It increases learning by giving immediate feedback to your students.

-It engages your students by making learning more fun and allowing them more control over their learning.

-It can save time and make your job easier (i.e. self-grading quizzes, streamlining of administrative tasks).

-It can make learning more meaningful to your students by letting them see how what they are learning fits into the real world or giving them an authentic audience for their work.

-It facilitates increased collaboration and communication between students, families, and teachers.

-It allows access to resources you or your students might not otherwise have access to (i.e. virtual field trips, virtual labs, online courses, videoconferencing with experts).

-It's good for the environment (i.e. paperless classrooms, eBooks).

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