Starting point

Want to integrate more technology into your teaching, but don't know where to start?

"Prioritizing learning experiences means identifying our objectives and pausing to explore how digital tools can help students dive into these learning experiences like never before." -Monica Burns

-First, set a purpose for the task: determine the learning goal for students based on their needs and the curriculum. The learning goal should always come before the technology.

-Then, make connections between your current instruction or lesson and available tech resources. Digital tools can often transform traditional, everyday tasks into relevant, customizable learning experiences for students. What are you currently doing in a traditional way that could be improved upon by using technology?

*Is there a tool that could engage learners by making the topic more interesting or fun (i.e. educational games, videos, competitive quizzing, virtual investigations)?

*Is there a tool that could differentiate instruction to help you better meet the needs of all learners?

*Is there a tool that could provide learners with immediate feedback on their work (i.e. self-grading quizzes, QR codes)?

*Is there a tool students could use to dig deeper into an aspect of the topic that they are most interested in?

*Is there a tool that would allow students to collaborate with each other or people outside the classroom (i.e. discussion boards, Flipgrid, Skype)?

*Is there a tool that would make something that normally couldn't happen in the classroom possible (i.e. virtual field trips, virtual labs, Skype interview with an expert)?

*Is there a tool that would allow students to create products that demonstrate their understanding (i.e. presentations, videos, eBooks, comics)?

*Is there a tool that would make learning relevant by allowing students to share their product with an authentic audience (i.e. blog posts, websites, videos)?

-Finally, reflect on the use of technology within your instruction. Make sure the learning goal continues to be the most important, and that the technology is used to make the learning more relevant and meaningful.