Screen Time

We often hear about the negative impacts of "screen time," but there is a lot more to the story.

"Screen time" isn't inherently problematic or bad for us. A few main factors impact whether screen time is beneficial or harmful:

Balance: Problems arise when we spend so much time in front of screens that we neglect other areas of our lives, like exercise and in-person socialization. For children, time spent using devices needs to be balanced with time doing things like playing outside, hands-on (no tech) activities, and interacting with other children face-to-face.

Quality: Not all screen time is created equal; it can be beneficial or harmful based on what is being done in front of the screen. When used for creating content, creativity, educational purposes, etc. screen time can have a very positive impact. However, mindlessly consuming content, interacting with negative content such as violence, or spending too much time on social media comparing yourself with others (particularly for teens and pre-teens) can have serious negative effects.

Blue Light: Many people are also concerned about blue light. Blue light mimics wavelengths found in sunlight and is not harmful during the day; it's when we're exposed to blue light near when we try to sleep that it causes problems. Near bedtime, blue light can be minimized by wearing blue light blocking glasses, filtering your screen using an app, or avoiding electronic devices altogether.