2019 ASD Summer Enrichment

During the summer, ASD offers a wide array of enrichment and recovery opportunities. Some of these camps offer a deep introduction to the Academy and its culture. Some offer assistance getting caught up on challenging courses. Some even give an opportunity to expand your education into physical education, art, and rhetoric.

  • Classes run Monday through Thursday from 9-12, and no transportation will be provided.
  • Most courses run for a single week with some running over two weeks (e.g. Incoming 6th Graders Math Prep and Welcome to ASD! and Health)
  • Some courses are offered more than once, so it is recommended that you check the entire course catalog for the courses that are the best fit.
  • The cost of each week is $160 (with some courses requiring an extra cost for materials.)
  • If you sign up for a course that takes two weeks to complete, you need to sign up for each week as if it were a separate course.
  • If you're about to start your 6th grade year with us at ASD, there is a list of offerings tailored specifically for you HERE.
  • You can sign up through HERE or via the link at the bottom of the page.

Ready to register? You can find the registration form for all four weeks HERE.