Week 1 Catalog

Jump Start to Algebra I

Grade Level: Incoming 6th - 9th

Course Description: This course is intended for students who have not yet had Algebra I. Some Algebra I basics will be covered this week to prepare the students to begin Algebra I at ASD, and also some deeper Algebra concepts like factoring will be introduced to give students some advance practice. Although the course is intended for incoming students, previous students may also enjoy this camp for a review of Algebra I concepts, as they prepare to move on to their next math class.


Building Math Skills for Incoming Grade 6 (Two Week Course: Week 1)

Grade Level: Incoming 6th

Course Description: We will focus on strengthening skills for fractions and decimals. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with fractions and decimals are important skills for pre-algebra. These skills will be needed over and over again in your math and science classes here at ASD. This course runs for two weeks. It is expected that you also sign up for week 2. This course is also offered Weeks 3 and 4.


Organize Yourself!

Grade Level: 6-8

Course Description: Students can learn how to best organize themselves in order to be successful! They will participate in organizational activities, and also learn some tips and tricks about staying organized. This will also give them a head start on knowing what materials are required for their classes next year.


Health (Two Week Course: Week 1)

Grade Level: 10th - 12th

Course Description: This summer course will allow students to get their health graduation requirement completed in just 2 weeks as opposed to taking the semester long course during the school year. It is a great option for students expecting a full course load next year! This will be graded as a pass/fail course that will go on the student's transcripts. This course runs for two weeks. It is expected that you also sign up for week 2.


The Science and Practice of Yoga

Grade Level: 8th - 12th

Course Description: Did you know that practicing yoga could not only make your body stronger, but your mind as well? During this course we will spend time looking at the science and history behind yoga and meditation, exploring the benefits of the practice and experiencing a variety yoga styles. Come with a yoga mat, water bottle and wearing comfortable clothes! This course will count for 12 hours of P.E. credit.


2D Computer Graphics and Animation

Grade Level: 7th - 9th

Course Description: At the intersection of creativity and technology, this course will survey how to use the powerful, open-source programming tool Processing to produce math-based computer graphics. Students will learn how to create graphics, generate designs, and draw simple digital animations. Learn to master computer graphics, and gain an engaging and useful skill! For anyone curious about digital art, computers, or animation: no prior coding or computer experience required, all resources provided.


Drawing: A Comprehensive Course

Grade Level: 6th - 12th

Course Description: A walk through basic, through advanced drawing techniques, intended to give students a clear understanding of the skills and principals of drawing as related to the everyday world around them. This course is intended to bring clarity and understanding to the art of drawing through means of succinct aesthetic connections and explanation. Students will learn how to accurately represent the world around them through visual cues translated through what they see and filtered down through their implements. Looking at the world is an essential part of life and learning. This course, while being innately an art course, teaches about looking at the world and understanding what you see, a monumentally important aspect of life, and then accurately transposing vision into drawings. Students are welcome to bring any drawing materials they are comfortable with. Charcoal and paper will be provided.


IBC Competency Recovery

Grade Level: 7th - 11th

Course Description: This course is for students who need to complete competency work in IBC I, II, or III. You will work through the competency work with an ASD Faculty member in order to complete the requirement for advancement.


Team Sports and Physical Education

Grade Level: 8th - 11th

Course Description: This course includes learning basic team sports; rules, strategy, and skills. and includes a fair amount of physical activity. It will meet at Greeley Park in Nashua, and it is recommended students dress appropriately. The content of this course counts as 12 hours of Physical Education towards PE credit. If you have equipment of your own, please bring it for the variety of sports.


Humanities Competency Recovery

Grade Level: 9th - 12th

Course Description: This session is designed for students in high school who need to get summer competency work done for their ELA or Social Studies courses.

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