Week 3 Catalog

Building Math Skills for Incoming Grade 6 (Two Week Course: Week 1)

Grade Level: Incoming 6th

Course Description: We will focus on strengthening skills for fractions and decimals. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with fractions and decimals are important skills for pre-algebra. These skills will be needed over and over again in your math and science classes here at ASD. This course runs for two weeks. It is expected that you also sign up for week 4. If you also sign up for the Week 1 "Organize Yourself!" , you will receive $20 off your registration!


Organize Yourself!

Grade Level: 6-8

Course Description: Students can learn how to best organize themselves in order to be successful! They will participate in organizational activities, and also learn some tips and tricks about staying organized. This will also give them a head start on knowing what materials are required for their classes next year. If you also sign up for the Week 1 & 2 "Incoming 6th Graders Math Prep and Welcome to ASD" , you will receive $20 off your registration!


2D Computer Graphics and Animation

Grade Level: 7th - 9th

Course Description: At the intersection of creativity and technology, this course will survey how to use the powerful, open-source programming tool Processing to produce math-based computer graphics. Students will learn how to create graphics, generate designs, and draw simple digital animations. Learn to master computer graphics, and gain an engaging and useful skill! For anyone curious about digital art, computers, or animation: no prior coding or computer experience required, all resources provided.


Getting Ready for Middle School Writing for Incoming Grade 6

Grade Level: Incoming 6th

Course Description: Spend some time practicing the art of writing before entering middle school. During this course we will cover many types of writing including expository, argumentative, descriptive and narrative writing. We will also have some time to do some creative writing. This course will be suitable for a student needing to brush up on writing skills as well as a student who simply loves to write.


There's Philosophy Everywhere! A Life Lesson a Week with Calvin and Hobbes

Grade Level: 6th - 12th

Course Description: A look into the brilliant philosophy of Bill Watterson through his enduring comic strip. Bill Watterson created a voice through which the world could be understood, often so clearly it is as if that understanding came from oneself. At the beginning of every class a Calvin and Hobbes strip will be passed out for students to read. Their job will be to then analyze and muse upon the topics in an open class discussion. Often the topics in a Bill Watterson strip focus on major life dilemmas or simply meaty universal questions. This class is intended to incite critical thinking over those topics and the philosophical themes therein, while using a visual language that creates a comfortable environment in which to learn often thick topics of ethics and other general philosophy. There are no materials for this class except the willingness to participate!


Introduction to Chemical Principles

Grade Level: 8th - 11th

Course Description: This course is geared for students entering ASD at grade 8 or above or have missed important chemistry concepts needed for the science curriculum. Atomic structure, using the periodic table, and bonding will be covered. Students who feel they could use a "refresher", or reinforcement for competency should take this course. This course is strongly recommended for high school students new to ASD.


Master the College Application Essay

Grade Level: 11-12

Course Description:

Did you know that thousands of college applicants hurt their chances of getting accepted to their dream college each year because they write sub-par admission essays? Part of the problem lies in the fact that there is a lot of confusion about what makes an outstanding college essay. Think of the essay as the face of your college application. Your application, without a stand-out essay, is a statistic—a faceless person in a sea of thousands with similar GPAs and standardized test scores. An application with a poorly written essay does not give admissions officers the chance to really know what makes you unique from the rest of the applicants.

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