en Inlet View 2021-2022

Welcome and Thank You for Your Support, All Three D.C. Projects have been fully funded!!

This has enriched our learning tremendously! Thank you!!

Wow the carpet is beautiful and is sparking much curiosity!

Welcome to The World Language Program at Inlet View

Spanish classes are held weekly (full schedule)

Open Office Visits, via Zoom,
miércoles 15:00-15:20
(Wednesday 3:00-3:20pm)
Please email with any questions, suggestions or concerns at any time.
I do my best to reply within 24 hours.

This site is divided into pages that have material specific for grade levels and one that has recetas, or recipes for you to try out.

Proficiency Progress

Proficiency is not perfection.

This year we are starting off by learning about the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language proficiency guidelines and can-do statements. We are focusing on making progress in our proficiency via the four language skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing. This slide show reviews examples of can-do statements for students emerging proficiency and shows them samples of growth.

Un poquito del verano mío - A little about my summer

This is me walking home from a surprise birthday party for a dear friend who turned 70 this year! It's also a close look at my new hair cut, so short right?

My family and I went on several joyful backpacking trips this summer. The boys are getting stronger and gaining more confidence each trip, it is such a cool thing to do together! We went to Red Shirt Lake & to Crescent Lake this year, what about you?

This is a group of teachers from the US and from Costa Rica during a week long immersion workshop I participated in this summer. It was fabulous!

Our oldest son also learned to kayak on his own this summer which was a huge accomplishment not just with the skills but the trust in himself to be in a boat alone. My husband and I got more comfortable with canoes this summer too!

I am looking forward to making new Spanish memories together this year!


Nuestro Rincón De Paz

This image is of our peace corner, or rincón de paz. We are very lucky to have the support of the wider community who have donated the features of this space.

Do you have images you use at home to practice calm or la calma? Do you have deep breathing techniques that you practice that we could utilize here? The photo album in the image above is only partially full of images that remind students of the calming techniques we have learned together in Spanish class. I would love to add more from your home too!