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UPDATED: 11.01.2022

Adverse Weather Arrangements for 2021-22

You can find the latest information about how this works at Mackie Academy on the school website here and there is also a direct link to Aberdeenshire Council's site for information on school closures under the "About Mackie" tab on the website here. It is really important that you know where to find information on this should the weather impact on the capacity of the school to open or to open on time. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the school.

UPDATED: Guidance on home learning due to C19

You can find the latest information from the school and support for those learning at home due to C19 on our Learning and Teaching page.

NEW: National Litter and Fly-tipping Consultation

Recent research by Keep Scotland Beautiful shows that 88% of Scots agree that litter is a problem across Scotland. In December the Scottish Government opened a public consultation on a new National Litter and Flytipping Strategy which will run until 31st March 2022.

This is your chance to have #YourSayOnLitter and given that it has been a topic of discussion between the school and our local community you can find out more here. The school will be submitting a response on this and engaging with our local community on this matter going forwards.

U22 Free Bus Travel Information for Secondary Schools

From 31st January 2022 every person under the age of 22 is entitled to travel free on buses and the Young Scot card is to be used as proof of identity.

All cardholders/new applicants aged 16-21 can apply themselves online at

For children aged 11-15, the parent/guardian can go online from 10/1/22 to apply for the free travel card at All applicants under 16 require the parent/guardian’s consent to add the free travel element so this must be actioned by the parent/guardian. The application does require certain documents to verify the process so please be prepared to provide these.

All information required about this process can be found here.

If someone has no access to above method to order a card and is in the essential travel category, then a paper application will be available from Aberdeenshire Council by email or post. The council are limited to posting out forms however to twice weekly since staff are still working from home.

Any secondary school replacement cards ordered from now on, by Aberdeenshire Council, for cardholders aged 16 or over will be automatically activated for the free bus travel.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the School Office on 01569 690550.

NEW: Youth Philanthropy Initiative 2021 Final

Thomas Marson and Lincoln Fulton were the winners of this year’s YPI competition with their presentation on Four Pillars, a charity supporting those in the LGBTQ+ community. It was a very close run thing with the judges unable to make a decision between this presentation and one representing Grampian Women’s Aid, created by Faye Ligtendag, Daisy Buchanan, Megan Hyland and Alexia Marcella, at the arranged final last Wednesday.

Both groups were given the weekend to provide further information on exactly how the prize money would be spent and the judges reconvened on Monday to make a final decision. This is has never happened before in a Mackie Academy YPI final, and even with the extra information the judges still found it extremely difficult to make a decision on who should win. They were hitting so many of the judging criteria and discussed in depth the social issues that users of their charities were facing, as well as the impact that such issues have on individuals and their local community it was an exceptionally difficult decision.

Both groups as well as all the other finalists should be very proud of what they have achieved as part of the YPI programme this year.

Change to Public Holidays May and June 2022

In recognition of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022, the May Day holiday will be moved from Monday 2nd May to Thursday 2nd June 2022 while Friday 3rd June 2022 will be designated as an additional public holiday.

Illegal Vaping Products: Disposable Vapes / Nicotine Puffs / Geek Bars / Elf Bars

Illegal Vaping Products – ‘disposable vapes’ / ‘nicotine puffs’ / ‘Geek Bars’ / ‘Elf bars’

There has been a recent rise in reports across the UK of illegal vaping products being found on sale. These products are commonly referred to as ‘disposable vapes, ‘nicotine puffs’, ‘Geek bars’ or ‘Elf bars’.

Some products have been found to contain an excessive amount of nicotine which is harmful in continual consumption. Media reports have highlighted the adverse reactions young people have experienced when using these products.

These vapes often look similar to highlighter pens as shown below. The price, design, and flavours of these vapes, combined with widespread publicity on social media, make them particularly attractive to young people.

The law is clear that no nicotine vapour product should be sold to anyone under the age of 18.

The Trading Standards Service would like to further understand the presence of these products in Aberdeenshire, and if they have been identified within your school. We are particularly keen to understand where these products are coming from and who may be selling them. Any information on particular products, photos etc. would be appreciated and can be passed onto the school or directly to Trading Standards.

Mackie News on Instagram

One of our Pupil Leadership Teams has developed Mackie News on Instagram to highlight all the good work and events that are going on here at the school.

The idea behind this is to improve communication with our pupil body around key events to improve levels of participation.

The site will go live from 1st December 2021 @mackie_news.

Celebrating Success at Mackie Academy

Celebrating Success.pdf

Our PE team would love to hear from you if you have a sporting success you want to celebrate from the past two years.

The Covid-19 pandemic means that we have not been able to celebrate in the way we normally would but we want to get things back on track.

We are hoping that once our PE works are completed at Mackie Academy that we will be able to decorate our corridors with these successes.

PE Building Project Visuals.pdf

Mackie Academy Extra-Curricular Activities 2021-22


We are delighted to be able to offer, once again, our extra-curricular programme of sporting activities here at Mackie Academy for our young folk.

Further information will be following on other activities around the school and Mrs Davidson, Pupil Support and Attainment Team Leader, will be co-ordinating this.

If anyone wishes to advertise opportunities for our pupils please contact Mrs Davidson on

Mackie Academy School App

The School App for Mackie Academy is our key method of communication with parents and carers now. If you have yet to download this onto your mobile device we would like to encourage parents to download the app to their phone so that you can easily get up to date information from the school.

The app is easy to use and the School App User Guide shows you how to use it. The key thing to remember is that once you have downloaded the app and chosen Mackie Academy you then need to opt out of the groups you don't wish to be part of e.g. if you have one child at Mackie Academy in S4 then you would opt out of all other year groups which means you only receive the messages and calendar events for S4.

The GDPR guidance associated with this app can be found here.

As a school we would ask that parents remain in the following groups:

Whole School


Parent Council


Other groups may come online as we develop use of the app and if you have any suggestions about how we make this work better for everyone then feel free to get in contact with the school.