Angela Dawson

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Most blue scene of city buildings and a church in the background, bare trees with lots of branches in the foreground.

Black Blues - SOLD


acrylic on canvas

24" x 48"


The artist’s comments concerning the expanding diversity of the Ghetto, the corruption of the Judicial System or Corporate Class, and the development and questioning belief systems where fables, truths, and folklore exist.

The varying tones of Black and Blue colors of this art piece tell the ever-changing story from turmoil to inspiration.

Sea creatures in a variety of papers and colors swimming together in an under the sea view.

Aquatic Promenade


acrylic and mixed media on canvas

24" x 48"


A whimsical portrayal of Sea Creatures in the community frolicking. The bright, traditional colors of these animals are located in waters that are generally unapproachable but fun to paint and study.

Blue house surrounded by trees with thin branches and few leaves.

Place of Solitude


mixed media on canvas panel

11" x 14"


Detailed image description for Place of Solitude

Angela Dawson’s Place of Solitude mixed media painting on canvas measures 11 inches by 14 inches and was created in 2019. The painting was created in an expressionist style. Expressionism is characterized by broad brush strokes, bright pops color and abstract style. It expresses, rather than depicts physical reality.

Our first impression is a faint outline of a cabin in the forest. A bright medium blue dominates the background of the painting and the cabin. The blue of the background extends to some of the forest floor, like water overflowing from a nearby stream, encroaching on the cabin. Thin loose brown lines like calligraphy form the indistinct outline of the cabin and the trees of the forest. The cabin dominates the left side of the painting. There is a chimney peaking up at the rear of the cabin. At approximately the center of the painting, we see an outline of the front door of the cabin. There might be a window on the left side of the cabin, but the details are fuzzy, as the lines of the cabin seem to fade away heading toward the left rear and blend into the woods.

A bright warm mustard yellow and brownish shape extends from the bottom center, past the door to the cabin, meandering off toward the right side of the painting and could be a fallen, rotting log, or a pathway. Areas of dark green with shades of gray appear in the foreground, and on the right and left of the cabin forming the foliage in the forest. Foliage is sparsely covered with leaves formed with pops of bright red and orange appearing throughout the painting like confetti. Indistinct orange flowers grow around the base of the foliage in the lower left side of the painting in the foreground.

Written by Fred Brack, Arts Access Audio Describer

Angela sits on a large rock in an outdoor area, near water. Angela is a black woman with shoulder-length brown hair, wearing a pink cardigan.

About Angela

I use bold colors and fluid strokes, delineated by textures, and words that grip and hold the senses; to convey the story of my community. My paintings, books, and collages draw on mysterious and whimsical images to speak about serious subjects; and the reality of my existence… My art is documentation of the abandon of our music, of swaying hips, the clarion call for success and the strength of character that is born in pain but still the will to dance, our smile, an eternal rhythm that belies time. I am a Mixed- Media Artist because I could not choose one way to express myself. When you have read one of my short stories, books or viewed one of my collages or paintings; I hope you feel motivated, or at the very least, to inspire or cultivate a smile; you have unlocked the secret, and I have done my job.

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