Student Support System

Welcome to Arkana Education Student Support Services

At Arkana, It is our mission to ensure your success. Therefor we provide our support system in 3 ways


Variety of tutorial videos have been made to guide you through your education. These videos usually cover and explain the most common questions and students' concerns. Therefore, please check this service first and see if you can resolve your problem by watching our video tutorials before proceeding with contacting your school. Click Here.

By using google hangout, you can be connected to your virtual classroom. You will be able to make calls, send text messages, and perform a video call if necessary. Google hangout groups are monitored and supervised by your principal, head of department, and your teacher. Click Here.

3- Email

The last way of communicating would be by sending email to the head of department or the principal to resolve you problem or to address your concern. You may do that by simply clicking on one of the following links: