Instructors Message

Miss Morales

Welcome, Students, to the English as a second language level 2, ESLBO. This course has been designed by me, Mrs. Morales and used successfully with hundreds of students. This proven methodology will give you not only the required knowledge of English, but also a fun perspective of how English is helpful in life and achieving your goals and objectives. Throughout this course you will read various types of texts, listen to a variety of new songs, learn critical thinking skills, develop your vocabulary, and be able to communicate effectively in various forms.

This course has been divided into 4 Units where the content you would need to learn in order to earn an Ontario credit is organized as lessons within them. Every unit includes usually 5-7 lessons, unit tasks, book reports, and a unit test.

In this course you will complete an Independent Student Unit (ISU), the purpose is to help you explore the ideas behind learning English. By investing your time to do ISU projects such as " Teach your community", "career of inspiration" and "Art and English", you will be introduced to the idea that learning English is continuous.

We have also managed to construct very user friendly online communication system. You will be able to communicate with me, any time you feel the need to, as well as following up with your mark in a daily base. You will also be given access to all the files and lessons you need from the beginning of the course in order to manage your time wisely. However, do not hesitate contacting me or administration of Arkana Education any time you felt you need assistant managing your time, your course or understanding the content of the course.

I am looking forward to meeting with you and working together for a successful end.


A. P. Morales