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As an APU student, you are automatically enrolled in our 4 month payment plan for each semester. This means that you have two options for paying your owing balance each semester:

  1. Pay the full balance right away.
  2. Pay off the balance in 4 monthly installments.

Most students use option #2. However, there are a few things to keep in mind if you choose to pay in installments:

  • There is a due date each month for when your payment must be received by One Stop. If the monthly payments are not up-to-date, a Registration Hold will be placed on your account that blocks you from making changes to your current schedule OR registering for classes for the following semester.
  • The amount that must be paid could change from month to month. This is because charges may be added to your account throughout the semester and will affect any following payment amounts. The amount that must be paid is listed on your monthly statement and Account Summary on CASHNet, under "Net to Pay".
  • The 4 month payment plan is for one semester at a time. You will be required to make payments on the following dates:
    • For the fall semester balance: August 1, September 1, October 1, November 1
    • For the spring semester balance: January 1, February 1, March 1, April 1

Payments can be made in several ways, but most of our students choose to use the electronic check option through CASHNet. Get more information on payment options by clicking here.