FERPA: Protecting Your Privacy


Academic and/or Financial Financial

"FERPA" refers to the "Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act", which is a Federal law stating that your college academic and financial records belong to you and you only. This means that no one else - including your parents - can contact APU and receive information about your grades, schedule, and financial situation without signed permission from you.

There are two areas of consent for someone to receive information:

Financial, Student Life, Admissions, and Academic

  1. Select "UG Enrollment Services Center" on your home.apu.edu.
  2. Click “Update My Information.”
  3. Click “FERPA Authorization."
  4. Click “Add An Authorized Individual.”
  5. Type in the person’s first name, last name, and create a FERPA password.
  6. Select the categories of information you would like this person to have access to.
  7. Then, click “Save”.

Share the password with the person you authorized.

You have now given permission for this person to contact APU - including UG Enrollment Services Center - and receive information about your academic, student life, admissions, and/or financial account.


  1. Log in to CASHNet. (You can access it through your UG Enrollment Services Center tab or www.apu.edu/cashnet.)
  2. Add an Authorized Payer to your account. You will have to set up a username and password for them, and then give that information to the authorized person so that they can log in and view your financial account.

You have now given the Authorized Payer permission to get information about your financial account.

Keep in mind that certain types of information - like grades or your GPA - will NEVER be given out over the phone, even if the person has been given permission by you!