Wait Lists

To Wait List a Class:

    • While adding a class choose the "wait list if the class is full" option and select "Save"
    • Look for the green check mark to confirm you have been added to the wait list. Your position on the wait list will be visible as well
    • Now that you are on the wait list, make sure you are not skipped on the wait list for these four reasons:
      1. Time Conflict: The class overlaps with another class that is already on your schedule
      2. Too Many Units: Adding this class will put you over the number of units you are allowed to take
      3. Dual Enrollment: You are already registered for the same course at a different time or with a different professor
      4. Holds: You have one or more holds blocking enrollment on your account

What is a Wait List?

A wait list is an enrollment tool that allows 10 students to "wait in line" for a class that is full. If someone drops the class, the wait list gives priority to the student(s) on the wait list before opening the class up to the rest of the student body. However, adding yourself to a wait list does not guarantee that you will get into a class.

If you want to wait list yourself for a class but not lose your spot in another class use the swap tool to add yourself to the wait list. This will tell the system to drop the first class if it can get you into the second class off of the wait list.

If a class currently has a wait list you will see a yellow triangle under "Status" as shown below:

If a class has a full wait list, it will have a blue square under "Status" as shown below: