2022.12 Thanks Taiwan gov support APTBF 16000US in 2022 year.

2022.11.23 Thanks Kaohsiung city gov support APYBTBC2023 for 50000US.

2022.8.8 Congratulations APTBF GA elected Taiwan Dr.Kao the new APTBF President and Dr.Chou be 1st the APTBF Honor President.

2022.6.12 New country will be coming soon-- Lebanon.Qatar.Australia.Kyrgyz Respublikasy.Afghanistan.

2022.6.8 APTBF GA will elect the new President in APTC2022 in Malaysia.

2021.12.1 COVID-19 still has a problem, wish you take care and we believe we will be back.

2020.12.17 APTBF Tchoukball Photos can be in line, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram .