Decimal and Fraction Operations

Essential Questions:

What You Need to Know

What You Need to Be Able to Do

Mastery Checklists:

Decimal & Fraction Operations Quiz 2 Proficiency.doc
Decimal & Fraction Operations Test Proficiency.doc

Unit Syllabus - Identifies the planned topic, notes and homework for each day in the month. This plan may change in order to meet student needs. Sometimes they need more/less time on a given topic.

Day 1: Dividing decimals

Dividing Decimals by a whole.pdf
Dividing decimals by a decimals.pdf
zeroes in the quotient.pdf

Day 2: Decimal Multiplication

Decimal Multiplication.pdf
Decimal Multiplication.pdf

Day 3: Prime Factorization/Order of Operations

Prime Factorization and PEMDAS.pdf
Order of Operations Handout.pdf

Day 4: Greatest Common Factor/Least Common Multiple

GCF and LCM.pdf
Greatest Common Factor.pdf
LCM Handout.pdf

Day 5: Distributive Property

Distributive Property.pdf
Distributive Property Handout.pdf

Day 6: GCF/LCM Problem Solving

Classwork: Prime Time Lab 3.1, Lab 3.2 A, Lab 3.3 C

Homework: Prime Time ACE Inv 3: 1-5, 9-11, 15

Day 7: GCF/LCM Problem Solving day 2

Classwork: Prime Time Lab 3.3, Lab 3.4

Homework: Prime Time ACE Inv 3: 16-21, 30

Day 8: Quiz/Introduction to Hogwarts Project

Homework: Work on project

Day 9: Work on Hogwarts Project

percent applications day 1.pdf

Day 10: Fraction Addition

Adding Fractions.pdf
Adding and Subtracting Fractions.pdf

Day 11: Fraction subtraction

subtracting fractions.pdf
Adding and Subtracting Fractions.pdf
Fraction Subtraction supplement handout.docx

Day 12: Adding/Subtracting Mixed Numbers w/o Regrouping

AddingSubbtracting mixed numbers.pdf
Adding and subtracting mixed numbers without regrp.pdf

Day 13: Adding/Subtracting Mixed Numbers w/ Regrouping

Adding and subtracting mixed numbers with regrp.pdf

Day 14: Quiz

Homework: Performance Task

Day 15: Multiplying Fractions/Mixed Numbers

Multiplying Fractions and mixed numbers.pdf

Day 16: Modeling Fraction Multiplication

Classwork: Bits II Lab 3.1

Homework: Bits II ACE Inv 3: 1, 2, 4, 6-9

Day 17: Fraction/Mixed Number Division

Dividing fractions with models.pdf
Multiplying Fractions and mixed numbers.pdf

Day 18: Model Fraction/Mixed Number Division

Classwork: Bits II Lab 4.1, Lab 4.2

Homework: Bits II Lab 4.3 A, B, E

Day 19: Review


Day 20: Unit Test

Homework: Performance Task