Gifted Math 6

Year At A Glance

  • Decimal and Fraction Operations (August/September) - 6th grade standards. Hogwarts Project.
  • Introduction to Ratios (September/October) - 6th & 7th grade standards. Shrink Art Project
  • Making Graphs (October) - 6th grade standards. Great Pumpkin Challenge Project.
  • Rational Number Operations (November) - 6th & 7th grade standards
  • Expressions, Equations & Inequalities - 6th grade (December) - 6th grade standards
  • Data Analysis (January) - 6th & 7th grade standards
  • Area, Surface Area, & Volume (January/February) - 6th & 7th grade standards
  • Ratio Relationships -7th grade (February) - 7th grade standards
  • Equations & Inequalities - 7th grade (March) - 7th grade standards
  • Probability (April) - 7th grade standards

Major Projects

  • Coding project January/February/March
  • Engineering project April/May

How to Navigate the Site:

Each unit has a separate page on the website. On each page you will find

  • a tentative calendar for the unit (dates may change to meet student needs),
  • a set of PDF files with notes for lessons
  • a set of PDF files with homework assignments.

The CMP Books and ACE Problems page contains PDF files of the Labs and ACE homework problems. The SCRATCH page includes tutorials on how to do various things in SCRATCH. The Video Lesson Tutorial page contains access information for video lessons on LearnZillion.

You must request permission to download from this site. All of these resources are also available to students in Google Classroom without special permission once they join the Google Classroom. Codes to enroll in Google Classroom will be provided during the first week of school.

Parent Letter and Supply List