Schenectady High School
Course Catalog

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Mission Statement

The mission of Schenectady High School is to provide a quality education for a lifetime of learning.

Schenectady High School offers hundreds of courses, electives and curriculum options designed to meet the needs and demands of a diverse student population. With a focus on preparing students to be ready for college and careers, Schenectady High School provides a rigorous academic programs that includes plenty of support to ensure each students' individual success.

The high school curriculum emphasizes English Language Arts and Math skills as students work toward graduation.

The faculty at SHS encourages students to set their own learning target so they can persevere on their own paths to graduation.


The Schenectady Patriots compete as a Class AA school in Section II of the New York State Public High School Athletic Association. SCSD believes that participation in athletics contributes to a well-rounded education, supports students' classroom success, and gives them skills and experiences that help them succeed in school and beyond.

Student Clubs

Schenectady High School offers a variety of clubs that give students opportunities to make new friends, explore new interests and get involved in service activities that benefit our community. There are more than 50 clubs to choose from, focusing on a range of subjects from anime to yoga.

Our Graduates

Students who remain in the SCSD are successful. The graduation rate of students who attend our schools from elementary through high school is 96% Graduates continue their educations at some of the most prestigious colleges and universities. Schenectady High School graduates currently attend more than 100 colleges and universities throughout the world.