Roseville Area Schools
Family Technology Resources

Have a technology question? See the resources below.

Commonly used websites for Roseville Area Schools:



StudentVue/Parentvue (Synergy)

edutrak connect

(SmartSchoolK12/Affinety/Fee Simple)

LinQ Connect


Frequently Asked Questions:

Students: Forgot your Password?

The format of your password is: Your Student ID # + Birth month + birth date (StudentID#MMDD). 

Example: 1234561025 (where student ID is 123456 and student's birthday is Oct 25)

NOTE: You can find your student ID in StudentVue/ParentVue, on a report card, or a lunch account.

My child is having tech problems; who can help?

The first place to find tech support for you and your student(s) is for your student to visit their library media center staff. 

Below are a few things to try on your own:

General Troubleshooting

Try these common tech tips as first step to troubleshoot a problem.

Student issues Logging into Schoology

How to restart an iPad that has a Home button

Resetting a Chromebook 

If you are experiencing problems with a Chromebook try resetting it using these steps. Reset Chromebook

If you are still having trouble, here is where to get help:

How do parents log in to Schoology?

How do parents log in to Synergy (Parent VUE)?

How do I pay fines or fees?

To pay a school fee such as sports or iPad insurance, or to pay a fine such as a lost textbook or uniform, you will use EduTrak.  Click here for more information about EduTrak Connect

To put money in your child's lunch account, use LINQConnect. Click here for more information from Nutrition Services

My child is in grades PreK - 5 and are enrolled in the CID program. What information should I know about their 1:1 iPad?

Information about 1:1 iPads for students in the PreK- 5th grade CID program:

NOTE: iPad insurance is not needed.

Your child will be issued an iPad to use for school to take advantage of the many benefits that come with providing access to educational technology.

With the goal of maximizing the benefit of these educational devices for your child, your child’s teacher will set a few expectations for your child’s use of the iPad. These expectations will be reviewed with students in your child’s classroom.  We are aware that there may be a need to have a plan for iPad use that is custom to your child’s IEP and educational needs. 

Please direct questions, concerns, or further clarifications specific to your child's use of the iPad first to their CID teacher, and then to the Lead CID teacher in the building.  Technical help can be found at Additional questions can be directed to the District 1:1 Coordinator by emailing  

Will my child be provided a personal technology device for learning?

All students in grades 6-12 are issued a school iPad that needs to be returned if the student leaves the district.  Click here for more information about the 1:1 iPad program.  If a student must be in quarantine due to COVID and does not have a device at home a device can be requested through the child's school.

I would like to purchase a device for my child.  What do you recommend? 

Both iPads and Chromebooks are used in our district. 

Chromebook: Any Chromebook model with 4 gig of memory (RAM) and a minimum of 16 gig storage will function well for distance learning.  All new model Chromebooks will meet this specification.

iPad: iPad model Air 1 or newer ( purchased 2013 or newer) will function well for distance learning.

Apple Pencil: Be sure the generation is compatible with the iPad model.

My child has lost or damaged their iPad charging cord. What should we do?

Chargers & cords are not covered under the 1:1 iPad Program insurance. If a student has lost or damaged their charger, they are responsible for the cost of replacing it.  You can purchase a replacement charger and cord through the 1:1 iPad program for $20 for the charger and $20 for the block. 

You may also purchase a replacement elsewhere. An Apple or any Apple-compatible lightning charger cord will work for your student's iPad. If your family purchases a replacement cord & block, you may keep them when the iPad is returned. 

Why don't I get emails from my child's school?

To update your email address for school newsletters and district wide emails, go to your school's website and under Quick Links, find "Subscribe to School News."

If you aren't receiving emails from your child's teacher, you might need to update your information in Synergy.  Do this in Parent VUE under the My Account tab, or contact your child's school for help with this.