Welcome to DHMS Band !

Welcome to our homepage! We have everything from paperwork for upcoming events to links to old concerts.

If there's anything you can't find here, please feel free to reach out to us via email and we'll get back to you soon!

Jeff Christiansen - jeffrey.christiansen@district196.org

Laura Doebler - laura.doebler@district196.org

Kyle Frost - kyle.frost@district196.org

Stephen Seaberg - stephen.seaberg@district196.org

Contact info for instrument and/or music needs

Groth Music 952-884-4772

Eckroth Music  800-543-8255

Schmitt Music 952-435-2454

7-9 Grade Summer Pops.pdf

Sign up for Summer Pops!

Use the QR code or click the link in the PDF, or click right here to sign up for three days of band fun with your friends this summer! Don't miss out on an opportunity to play cool music and get ready for next year!



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