MOVE more. Have Fun. Prevent Disease.

About the Game

The #SummerOfMOVE is an interactive, team-based & social game designed to raise fitness levels of participants and awareness of the benefits for everyone they interact with.

In 2019 the game will build upon the success of previous years, including several challenges designed to test players fitness, resolve and creativity.....all while using one of the most widely evidenced approaches to prevention and reversal of disease - MOVEMENT, consistently applied and properly dosed.

The contest is open to the public. Anyone can join as either a player OR (new in 2019) a "benefactor" <-- CLICK TO READ MORE...

The Regular Season is 1/2 OVER

  • Benefactors welcome until the bitter end - Learn more HERE
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Lifting the burden of chronic disease is one thing....looking smart while doing so is how you take your game to the next level.

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