Team Standings

Check back after each week of gameplay for an update in team standings (Updated each Friday morning during the challenge). 

Your team standing during the regular season will determine what advantages you may be given during the championship round if your team makes it that far by solving a final riddle. 

Summer of MOVE 2024 Rosters

I Like the Way You MOVE

Awarded to the top individual MOVEr as determined by the person logging the most intensity minutes in our daily tracker. This award can only be won once per person.

Week 1: Mark Cawley (Shift Happens)

Week 2: Ray Markunas (Shift Happens)

Week 3: Pam Bartlo (Women in PT)

Week 4:

Week 5: 

MVP (Most Vocal Participant)

This is our "spirit award" earned by the participant who engages the most in our Workplace group each week. This award can only be won once per person. 

Week 1: Layla Darian (MOVE it or Lose It

Week 2: Pam Bartlo (Women in PT)

Week 3: Ryan Smith (Breakfast Club)

Week 4:

Week 5: