#SummerOfMOVE 2019 Registration

Step 1: Registration - Get in the available player pool

Team Selection

You will be given 3 options during the registration process under "event questions" (highlighted below):

1. To Join an existing team - means you know which team you would like to join AND they are expecting you as part of their roster.

2. To create a new team - means you are willing to captain a team (mostly just point of contact responsibilities for rule interpretations)

3. To not join a team - this is synonymous with "enter the draft".

Want to support the effort but not play?

We know there are folks who want to support this effort (and their friends and families who are involved) but aren't able to completely dive in. These folks can join on as a either a "benefactor" ($10 donation) or a "donor" (no min/max) by using the following links:

Benefactor level ($10) - CLICK HERE and select "Benefactor"

Donor level ($?) - CLICK HERE to become a "Donor"