AOS 98

Special Services

Dear AOS 98 Communities,

Let me begin by saying welcome to our Special Services website. I am honored to serve as Special Education Director for the children and families in our communities. I have worked in the AOS for over 20 years. I can honestly say that I greet each new year with excited anticipation for what it holds for our children. I have worked alongside many exceptional children and their families.

Our Special Education staff in the AOS is of the highest caliber. The dedication they bring to educating and supporting your children is second to none. It is our duty to provide specialized instruction, necessary supports for all eligible children in providing a free and appropriate public education. We are committed to meeting your children where they are at, and helping them to grow and develop to their potential.

We realize that the needs of our students are very individual. We work collaboratively with families, educators, service providers, and administration to create individualized educational programs that meet the varied needs of students. We believe that all students can be successful. Success is measured in a variety of ways. Schools within the AOS provide a variety of services. The following is a list of some of the specialized services provided.

· Special Education (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act)

· Section 504 (The Americans with Disabilities Act)

· Gifted and Talented Programming

· English Language Learners

It is my hope that you find this website easy to navigate and informative. Please feel free to contact our office with any questions.


Lisa Smith, Special Services Director

Christina Lorrain, Administrative Assistant for Special Services

Office phone: (207) 633-6699