Submit to mind the set

Why should you submit?

You're a new playwright. You're a dancer. You're an ambitious producer who wants to try out a new idea just to prove that you can do it. You want to propose something so daring and subversive that it would never work on any mainstage because it's just too weird. Your proposal for big cheap theatre will entice audiences who crave performance art from the research and development wing of Seattle theatre.

Mind the Set is structured on 3 basic principles:

  1. Experimentation: We want to see the strange and unusual stuff you might be too scared to put on stage otherwise because it’s too “risky” or too “bold.” Your idea resonates with you, and it could resonate with somebody else. If your idea is incomplete but it might have legs, you need a place to put it on its feet and see what other people think. If your project contradicts the notion of a traditional “play” then it’s perfect for Mind the Set.
  2. Company Buy-in: Annex is entirely run by volunteers and if you’ve done a show at Annex, you may consider yourself a company member. Company members are involved in a myriad of ways, but sometimes the way company members are available doesn’t always sync with the openings we have for actors, designers, and operational volunteers for our mainstage season. If you value what Annex does for the Seattle theatre scene and want to make your mark, participating in Mind the Set by pitching a project, trying your hand in the stage manager's booth, or even taking tickets is the perfect way to “get your foot in the door” at Annex and join us.
  3. Mind the Set: You can do whatever you want on our stage, as long as you don’t disturb what is on the mainstage set. Do you want to do a light show with 10 performers wearing costume pieces made from found materials? Great! Are you interested in curating a series of storytellers to answer a specific question about a hot topic? Awesome! Do you need a place to premiere your night of solo performance before taking it on tour? Rad! You can do all these things and more as long as you adhere to our one caveat: mind the set.

Take a moment to learn about the resources that will be made available to you as a participating artist before you submit.