Prepare the perfect pitch

pitch sessions are 20 minutes long.

An awesome pitch session could include:

        • 5 minute introduction
        • 5 minute show sample
          • Scene, songs, photos, handout, slideshow, presentation, video, something hand drawn... showcase yourself and your piece!
        • 10 minutes for questions

Adjust this template any way you want! Just leave ample time for questions and conversation with us.

Anyone can be at your pitch session: the playwright, director, readers for a script selection, dramaturg, designers, whoever you think will make a good impression. If your playwright or director cannot be present at the scheduled pitch session or misses it for any reason, we will make a separate meeting time in order to connect with every stakeholder on the project.

Annex Company members are guaranteed a pitch session. Others will be scheduled based on our interest and availability.

We schedule several pitch sessions in an evening, with 5 minute breaks in between. Please arrive a few minutes early so that we can get started right away.

Get to know us!

See an Annex show:

One of the biggest "mistakes" that people can make in a pitch are to say that their show will be simple to produce or that they already have all of the people in place to complete your project. Annex is always looking for opportunities to be creative, explore big spectacle, and push boundaries.

Annex Theatre will coordinate and provide production aspects like performance space, front of house staffing, tech support, and off-site rehearsal locations for the projects we produce. We will also help you cast the show, recruit designers, run your production meetings, create and disseminate your marketing materials, and implement the technical aspects of the production. We dedicate endless hours as volunteers because we want you to focus on making the art.