Frequently Asked Questions

About the Process

I want to submit my play!

Go here.

What does RFP mean?

Request For Proposals.

What is a pitch session?

A pitch session is your opportunity to present your project in person to the Annex Company.

Who should be at my pitch session?

You, definitely. You may also invite your producing partners: director, playwright, composer, dramaturg, and actors (for scene excerpts). Read our tips about to make sure your a pitch session is perfect.

When do I get to schedule my pitch?

You are not guaranteed a pitch session after you propose. Once you fill out the form, the company will review your proposal. If we think your show would be a good fit for our stage, we will communicate with you to schedule your pitch session. We try to meet with everyone, but that is not always possible. Company members are guaranteed a pitch session.

Do I have to see a show at Annex to pitch?

No, but it's preferred so that you can understand . Read more about what it's like to produce at Annex.

Define 'elevator pitch'?

A short description of your project that takes 30 seconds or less.

Define 'workshop'?

A workshop is part of the play development process. It can be a private or public reading, staged or done at a table. Workshops are typically followed by a talkback session to help the playwright develop the play further. They are not a guaranteed part of the production process and completely driven by you, the artist.

How do you define Pacific Northwest and world premiere?

We define PNW premiere as a play has been fully produced somewhere else in the world, but never before in the Puget Sound/Portland/Vancouver region. A world premiere is a brand-new play that has never been fully produced before! If it has had a university production with students or workshops/staged readings, it is still qualified to be a fully produced Annex show.

What do I do if my play isn't chosen?

If your play is not chosen for this season, it could be chosen in the future so you may be encouraged to re-submit with that play or a different one. Some proposers for pitch many years running before a project of theirs is chosen! Or we may suggest you to consider doing a project like Mind the Set or produce elsewhere in Seattle.

About my project

My play is unfinished/not written yet/needs a lot of work. Help!

That is more than okay. Although we rarely choose unfinished plays, it does happen and is part of our process of producing new work. We also occasionally choose plays that evolve over time, so if you start writing a play about one thing, it ends up being about another. Even if your play isn't complete yet, we still want you to submit!

Does my play have to be new?

Annex trucks in bold, new work. This means we LOVE new plays. We love thinking about them, working on them, breathing on them, and producing them. It's just like, what we do. BUT if you have a super cool idea of how to re-interpret something REALLY old like say, Hamlet, then we might be interested. Go ahead and submit, and let's talk.

I'm not a local playwright.

Will you still produce my play?

We have directors and company members who are interested in working with us and do not have a play to pitch. If you are not local, you may still pitch–we will do a video call for the pitch session–but someone local, like the director, will need to be in Seattle to do the play! You do not have to be local, but we like for someone accountable to the project to be local for matters related to production. If you pitch this show as a playwright and you're not local, we hope that your director is. The director is ultimately responsible for the success of the project.

I don't have a director.

Is that ok?

Yes! We get excited about the people AND the work. If you don't have a director, we can assure you that we have plenty of company members who are potentially interested and local connections to help you find the perfect creative team.

How does a co-production work?

Annex fully produces mainstage plays. However, we are open to co-producing (i.e. you get a cut of the box office and some production, marketing, or dramaturgical support from Annex) to bring in new audiences. If you think you have a good idea, let's talk.

What if my play would be a better rental?

Let's talk! We aim to curate our rental season to align with our values as a producing organization, as well as provide much-needed space to self-producing artists. If we think your pitch is better as a rental, we'll talk about that with you.

Do selected proposers receive stipends?

Yes. Annex is an all-volunteer theatre company and we offer a small stipend to artists to cover any potential costs you may incur while creating your art (i.e. a parking ticket). We know that the stipends we offer are well below what is considered normal and viable in our town, but to stipend every artist what they're worth would break us. Let's just put it this way: Annex survives and thrives on volunteer labor.

About Annex Theatre

When and how do you choose the season?

We hold several sessions in mid-June to choose our plays as a Company. Annex Company members are encouraged to attend as many pitch sessions as they can and read all of the project proposals. We then gather to talk about every submission and whether or not it will be a good fit for our stage. Following debate, discussion, and deliberation, we choose a season by consensus. (Yes, consensus! By the end of the selection process, the Company backs each of the shows in the season.)

I am a Company member. Can I participate in the season selection process and pitch?

One of the perks of being an Annex Company member is that you get to participate in the season selection process! We invite Company members who pitch to also read the other plays, attend the other pitch sessions (get some tips!), and be present at the season selection day.

Not sure if you're a company member? Turns out if you think you are, you are. Look at the Facebook group and Company email list for updates.

Do you accept Equity proposals?

No. We are unable to pay Equity wages nor acquire an equity waiver. If your pitch intends to work with any equity actors, we cannot produce your project at Annex.

What is a stipend?

A small amount paid to artists who volunteer their time to producing a mainstage show at Annex Theatre.

How do you define 'bold new work'?

Although defined differently by the individual artists and audience members who pass through our doors, bold new work is what Annex produces on its stage. We produce forward-thinking plays never seen before.

Your RFP doesn't fit my aesthetic.

Where else can I submit?

We recommend looking at for upcoming opportunities or contacting our community partner Umbrella Project to learn about local Seattle opportunities.

The Scratch (itinerant) produces an annual workshop series.

Parley Productions (itinerant) works with interns and takes applications for prospective members.

You can also self-produce at The Pocket Theater (Greenwood) or The Slate Theater (International District).

My question isn't answered here.

Oops! Email