Gov School

Central Virginia Governor's School

The Central Virginia Governor's School for Science & Technology's mission is to develop leaders who possess the research and technical skills, the global perspective, and the vision needed to address the challenges of a rapidly changing society. The curriculum is designed to provide a challenging academic program which enables students to develop independent learning strategies.

Information about the Program:

  • CVGS is designed for students with interest in Science, Math, and Research

  • Students can earn up to 25 college credits for their CVGS classes

  • All CVGS classes are weighted courses for Grade Point Average calculations for base school transcripts

  • CVGS is a half-day program housed at Heritage High School. Student will return to ACHS for their english, history and elective courses.

  • Tuition is paid by the school division

  • Students are issued an email account and a laptop computer for their personal use while enrolled at CVGS

  • Student may drive to CVGS or bus transportation is provided to and from ACHS

Requirements for applying to CVGS:

  • Must be enrolled in Algebra II (or higher math, Honors Algebra II is strongly recommended)

  • Must be enrolled in Chemistry (or higher science, Honors Chemistry is strongly recommended)

  • Must be a 10th grader at the time of applying

Steps to applying to CVGS:

  • Fill out Gov School Interest Form (FIRST)

  • Start reviewing the application. Click HERE for the application.

  • Make contact with your teachers that you would like to fill out a reference form for your application. You MUST contact your references by February 10th (NO EXCEPTIONS)

    • You will need a math teacher, a science teacher, and one other academic teacher to serve as a reference for your application. You MAY NOT use a teacher from middle school. Please email Mrs. Clark with any questions about your references.

  • Fill out the application. (Applications must be typed)

  • Check your email DAILY. Mrs. Clark will be contacting you with reminders about deadlines for your references and applications.

  • If you have any questions please contact Mrs. Clark: