Early College

Early College Program

The Early College Program is a cohort program where high school students earn an Associates Degree in General Studies concurrent with their last two years of high school.

Information about the Program:

  • Early College is a two year associates degree in General Studies through Central Virginia Community College

  • Students will earn 63 college credits

  • All core academic courses taken at CVCC are weighted on a 5.0 scale. All elective courses are weighted with the exception of College Success Skills.

  • Students take all their academic courses at the Amherst CVCC Center (in the Amherst Food Lion Shopping Center). Biology Lab is on the main campus of CVCC on Fridays in the Junior year.

  • Students may elect to return to the high school for afternoon electives

  • Tuition is paid by the families and books are supplied by the school system

  • Students are able to drive or a bus transportation from ACHS and back is provided

Requirements for applying to the Early College Program:

  • Must be enrolled in Algebra II (or higher math)

  • Must have a minimum GPA of 3.5

  • Must be in the 10th grade at the time of applying

Steps to applying to Early College:

  • Fill out Early College Interest Form (FIRST)

  • Make contact with your teachers that you would like to serve as a reference for your application. They will fill out an electronic recommendation form that is included in your online application.

    • You will need a math teacher and your second reference form can be filled out by an English, science, or social studies teacher.

  • Fill out the application. (application link will be added when it becomes available Monday Jan 23)

    • Applications must be completed online.

  • Check your email DAILY. Mrs. Clark will be contacting you with reminders about deadlines for your references and applications.