Amazon Basin Emerald Tree Boas are perhaps the most fragile and sensitive of boas kept in captivity.

They are nature's jewels and if maintained properly, highly robust and richly rewarding. They are the thinking man's (and woman's) boa and are intolerant of keeper error.

Acquiring an Amazon Basin Emerald Tree Boa should not be an impulse purchase but rather a well thought out, planned acquisition.

The information contained within this Web site is intended to be a model for the husbandry of the Basin Boa. The collector is encouraged to continue to manipulate and test the conditions in which the Basins are kept in order to gain an understanding of what is best for the animals.

The best guideline one can follow when keeping reptiles is observation of the behaviors and actions of the animals themselves and how well they respond to different situations and conditions.

Proper husbandry for any reptile requires constant adjustment and fine tuning of the environment being offered in order to keep up with the changing needs of the Basins as they grow, mature and age.

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