Temperature Control

Temperature Control

Current veterinary knowledge places a great deal of emphasis on the provision of heat to support physiological functions and behavior in reptiles. A thermal gradient that reaches the upper limits of your Basin's Preferred Optimal Temperature Zone improves digestion, general activity and is thought to be the best way to support your animal's immune system. Studies have shown that reptiles with access to such thermal gradients produce a better coordinated immune response, including better antibody production, better cellular mobilization and improved suppression of pathogens. Reptiles can actually create a "behavioral fever" by selecting warmer areas of their environment when they are ill.

We use Johnson Controls thermostats in our Habitat Systems environments. Reptile Basics heat panels are mounted on the upper left side of our cages to create a temperature differential for the Basins. Our typical daytime high ambient temperatures are 86 to 88 degrees F; nighttime lows are 76 to 78 F. Temperatures under the heat panel are in the 93 to 96 degrees F.

Johnson Controls thermostats are used for each cage

Kyle and Dottie, Amazon Basins basking under Reptile Basics heat panel

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