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People Can Change. Records Can Too!

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What We Do: 

We help people obtain criminal record sealings, expungements, and Governor's pardons, allowing them to realize their full potential.

A criminal record is a recorded history of each time you were arrested.

It's never been easier than now to get a second chance in Pennsylvania. PA leads the nation in pardon reform; TWO-THIRDS of Pennsylvanians applying for pardons get them! And 2023's Clean Slate 3.0 law makes more offenses (including some felonies) eligible for record sealing and reduces waiting periods. We can help with pardons and expungement/sealing:


A pardon is a formal recognition by the Governor that you have been forgiven for your crimes. If you are given a pardon, you will have your entire record wiped away.


An expungement is a legal order from a Judge that requires the prosecutors/district attorneys, state police, local police, and other state criminal justice agencies to erase something from your record - typically a summary offense or a non-conviction. An expungement can be for an entire arrest or individual charges from an arrest.

Record Sealing

Record Sealing can hide your criminal record from public view. It is available for Pennsylvania records that did not result in conviction as well as some misdemeanor convictions.

Our Vision:

We hope to create a community that provides second chances to those affected by the legal system, freeing community members from the undue burdens of their criminal histories. 

Everyone in Crawford County should have a fair opportunity to work and contribute to our community.

We are achieving this vision by uniting businesses, advocates, community members, local leaders, and impacted people across the county to ensure that criminal records are no longer a life sentence to poverty and that past mistakes will no longer define a person's future.

Voting Rights:

In Pennsylvania, you only lose your right to vote if you are currently incarcerated for a felony conviction or if you got convicted of violating any provision of the Pennsylvania Election Code within the last four years. 

If you lost your voting rights because of a conviction, you can register to vote immediately after your release.